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League Volleyball

Volleyball teams play weekly on Tuesday nights either at the Richland Center Middle School or Community Building. Please check the schedule for specific times and locations.

Remember, first and foremost we are to honor and glorify the Lord by our actions and attitudes. Please make sure to keep that in mind in our speech and dress. Please do not wear tight fitting clothes. If leggings are worn, loose fitting shorts should be worn over them.

Click here to see the tournament schedule.


Team Red-B League (#6)
Dawn Ruetten
Jenn Stocks

Phil Stocks
Julie Nankey
Wes Friederick

Shelby Nankey

Team Blue-A League (#1)
John Nankey
Kayla Thomas
Matt Thomas

Levi Winter
Russell Greene


Dennis Wiitanen

Kathie Friederick

Laura Nankey

Peter Nankey
Terri Wiitanen

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